Undergarments 101

The key to creating a great outfit begins with what you put on first: UNDERGARMENTS. Personal and Wardrobe Stylist Holly Katz says. “Making an outfit is exactly like making a recipe… You have to start out with the right ingredients in order to come out with the finished product.” This completely holds true when fitting your specific body properly in undergarments including however not limited to:

  • Bras
  • Panties
  • Tights
  • Shape Wear
  • Undershirts

The Bra Fitting

Believe it or not, over 80% of women in Atlanta (and America) are walking the planet in the wrong size bra. Not only is this a potential health issue, this is a fashion violation of the worst kind. This is kind of inexcusable, as there are more resources than ever to purchase a bra if you are a special specific size or hard to fit. It changes the way you feel about yourself in your clothes no matter what you are wearing. If you don’t believe it, then book Holly Katz for a professional bra fitting. It will change your world- guaranteed.


In the lingerie world panties have gotten smaller using less fabric yet seem to be more expensive. As the market seems to be saturated with undergarments and the hundreds of styles to choose from, it’s imperative to understand that we all are after one thing: NO VPL . (No visible panty lines)

How do we solve this worldwide problem? Seamless underwear. Lingerie designers have used thinner, stretchier, more breathable fabric with no seams. The results are priceless. Walk around worry free knowing you are panty line free.


The age of pantyhose is dead; the age of tights are among us! It is perfectly acceptable at any age to show bare legs. However, in the winter, opaque or patterned tights are the preferred nylons of today.   Why no pantyhose? Pantyhose offer little support, coverage and only last 1-2 wears due to the paper-thin construction. Tights are thicker, last longer and offer more support and coverage over regular panty hose. They are easy to care for and rarely snag or run. It’s a much better look and bang for your buck.

Shape Wear

Ladies, meet your new best friend. The days of the 1950’s girdle are long gone and stretchable, breathable shape wear is here. If you need a little help in the stomach or buttocks area, this is a perfect solution to smooth out your problem areas and give you some support where you need it most. Shape Wear comes in all price points so make sure you get the best piece for what you can afford. It will guaranteed have you feeling better about the way you look in your clothes. Shape Wear should be hand washed or washed separately to ensure a long life.

The Undershirt

When you are a man, you are supposed to wear an undershirt. Here are the times when it’s not required:

  • If you live in a hut in the middle of the desert
  • If you work outside in the elements (manual labor jobs)
  • If there is a nuclear meltdown on Earth
  • Never

Now let’s go over the most common excuses I hear:

  • It’s too hot
  • I don’t need it
  • I’m too young
  • Only big guys need to wear them
  • It’s uncomfortable
  • They always shrink
  • I hate wearing an undershirt
  • My profession doesn’t require me to dress up
  • They never last long
  • I’ve never worn one before

So if you don’t wear an undershirt and you’re a man, you are in violation of the most common fashion rule for men. Lucky for you? The first step is awareness. Now there are several choices of undershirts made for sport and stretch at all different price points. Again, there’s no excuse-or any good ones for that matter. If you live in Atlanta or the Southeast, it is summer for a longer period of time, which is why it’s even more important to get in the habit of wearing an undershirt to prevent excessive sweating.

If you’re a sweaty guy, in the “not slim” category, or if we that have to look at you are just lucky you walked out the door with pants on, then do yourself a favor and book Holly Katz for a free style evaluation. It will be our little secret.

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