Science Behind Style

The Science Behind Style

Science Behind StyleA lot of people who have trouble with their style (or lack thereof) think that looking fashionable is out of their reach or something that they can’t achieve. The truth is, anyone can achieve a stylish image with a little research and the confidence that you can look your best!

Closet Organization

The first step to developing a clear idea about what you would like your style to be is closet organization. Organizing your clothes and knowing where things are really make a huge difference when getting dressed each day. Keeping like items together and in an order to help you get dressed faster will make the outfit selection less time consuming. The order that usually works, is first, separating work clothes from weekend. Tops, sweaters, pants, skirts and dresses usually work. Getting dressed starts with picking a blank canvas and then building your outfit around it. For example, you pick a top you really want to wear, and then decide which bottom to pair it with. Then you accessorize with jewelry, scarves, jackets, shoes, bag, etc. When your closet is organized, you should be able to get dressed in 5 minutes.

The Changing of the Hangars

Removing wooden, plastic and wire hangers from your closet will give you at least another full 2 feet of space when you replace them with the velvet slim line hangers. This cuts down on the bulk and allows you to hang more. You can also “waterfall” your clothes with a chain to use up some of the dead space.

Shoes should be on floor or in shoe rack. If space is an issue, then change out your shoes seasonally and toss or give away what you haven’t worn in a year or so. Buy boot stuffers for your boots to help keep their shape.

If you have multiple bags line them up on a shelf for easy visibility and access. Store luggage in a basement or extra room; never in your closet. Belts and scarves need to be hung on a rack or hooks so when you are choosing your outfit you can add an extra pop of color.

A Good Mirror: You need one

Investing a full-length mirror in an area of your home with good lighting can be your biggest asset. Looking in the mirror to examine your entire outfit (shoes included) will help you see fit issues, any damages, rips or stains in a better, unforgiving light. Ideally a tri-fold mirror is the best as it lets you see yourself at three angles. Remember: looking at yourself from the back it always a good idea.

Getting a magnifying mirror to help apply your make-up let’s you see your skin up close and personal. It forces you to apply your make-up in more detail in addition to seeing yourself in a true unforgiving light to correct any mistakes.

Style research

When you have downtime, it’s important that you scour the Internet for style inspiration. You can look on or any clothing website such as or You can type any category of clothing into your search bar and look for more specific examples of anything you would like to research. For example, if you type “career dresses” or “flare legged jeans” you will see tons of options of the product and examples of to wear them. You can also find your favorite celebrities and see what they are wearing and how they wore it.


Once you get a picture of styles you are interested in bring that to a store and ask for help! That’s why people work in the store….so they can help you find the right look for you. Most stores have experts that are familiar with the product that can offer suggestions and put things together for you. When you dress for your body type, organize your closet, get a good mirror and research the styles you like best, this is a fool proof plan to develop an image that serves you and will make you feel like you can conquer the world.

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