Shopping Tips for Atlanta Parents For Back to School

Three of the most significant times in your child’s life come when they transition to elementary school, middle school then high school. As they reach each obstacle of a bigger school, more kids and pressures, we try the best we can to prepare them to “fit in” whether it be emotionally, mentally or even physically.

Just as you teach your child life skills such as earning and spending money, manners, and hygiene, it’s important to set an example when it comes to getting dressed. As some may think this isn’t as important, there’s no exception when your child is being teased about what clothes they are or aren’t wearing.

Start the body type lessons early

Society is superficial whether you like it or not, or whether you believe it or not. I preach this all the time in my corporate styling presentations. If you take care of yourself, then it will show through in everything you do with the energy you present to the world. If you feel good about yourself then you are setting a prime example for your children to have a positive self-image. It starts with you and how YOU feel about how you look.

Dealing with girls going through puberty is never fun, however it’s so important to teach young women how to determine and dress for their body type. It starts with the proper undergarments and making sure their clothes fit correctly.

With boys it’s no different. If your son is dealing with body issues, set an example by showing him what’s appropriate for his body type within your budget. It also helps to educate kids on exercise and eating healthy if they are having negative body issues.

Shopping tips for Parents

So it’s back to school and nothing from last year fits. To avoid the same routine disagreements in the mall or arguments in the morning, try some of these simple tips:

  • Set a budget for back-to-school shopping and come up with a style plan. What is a style plan? It’s set expectations of what is on the shopping list and the budget you will stick to. That way there’s no “winging” it or overspending.
  • Bring another friend with their mom or parent to make it a fun day out of it.

This is mostly for girls and their mothers who can’t agree on what should be purchased. Adding the “friend” to the equation takes the pressure off of the parent and avoids the hostile “just pick something and let’s goooo” attitude. They can shop together, get the same items or just turn something that’s normally a chore into something fun. It may take longer but the results are worth it.

  • Set the “we don’t get it unless we both like it” rule. This gives the child the respect they deserve and feel like they are being heard. This way no one feels run over or like his or her opinion doesn’t matter.
  • Use closet organization dividers to set the expectation for the week to avoid arguments in the morning. These guys can make your kid’s “I have nothing to wear” syndrome disappear. This sets the clothing rules for the week to avoid any morning drama.
  • Have kids help with the laundry. Many parents recognize that the best way to sneak in life lessons is to give kids hands on experience. In the same way you might involve your children in cooking dinner to reinforce healthy eating, I would suggest having them help with the laundry so there is “pride of ownership” in their clothes. Showing them how to care for their things makes them understand and appreciate the value and importance of caring for their wardrobes.

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