Football Fashion for Tailgating in Atlanta

footballAs football season is here, getting all of your tailgating gear in order can be an exciting, yet time-consuming chore. Most people worry about the location, driving, seating, food, tents and tickets. However, how much though do you put into what you are wearing? As some are only concerned with their lucky socks or underwear, football fashion is now a billion dollar industry for both men and women. There are more choices than ever on what to wear to the big game other than the traditional jersey or t-shirt.

“When tailgating, it’s important to be comfortable and fashionably functional” says Personal Stylist Holly Katz of Holly Katz Style. She suggests these three fashionable tips and reminders to help you dress your best for the big game….(or every game!)

Wardrobe First Aid Kit Tools

Choosing the right clothes can make or break the game. However, you can never be too careful when wanting to look good around flying food, alcohol and lots of rambunctious fans. Since you’re outside, the chances of you getting rained on, spilled on, dirty or dusty are very likely. Bring some Shout stain remover wipes or a laundry pen. This way you’re prepared for any wardrobe malfunction in case you are in the “splash zone” when people use grand arm gestures when telling stories, walk through last night’s mud to get to the tent or hanging in the dirty parking lot until you go in.

The Fanny Pack is back-get the look!

Women require lots of things and carry with them at all times. Most women have the “black hole” purse, which is an oversized bag where important things go to disappear into the black abyss. However, lucky for football and sports fans everywhere, the fanny pack is back. You heard it here first, folks. For tailgating and the game, instead of carrying your regular purse, invest in a leather or designer fanny pack. They come in different shapes and styles that most designers are now showing on the runway. Put your essentials in your pack: lipstick, ID, money, credit card and keys. Everything else you can leave behind. Go cheer for your team without the burden of carrying a cumbersome pocketbook.

Shoes can be comfortable and fashionable

Comfortable footwear is so important when you are out all day walking around on rocks, gravel, and asphalt or in extreme weather. However, never sacrifice good style for comfort. There lots of alternatives to comfortable footwear that don’t require your workout shoes or bad, comfortable footwear; (i.e.: Crocs).

All kinds of boots and sneakers are usually the go-to choice for football fans everywhere; regardless of region. Make sure your boots are ones that you can last in all day and ones that are broken in. Any type of leather shoe or boot will be stiff and unforgiving until the first few wears. The leather will eventually stretch and mold to your foot. When wearing sneakers, (not your workout shoes) make sure they are a “casual or recreational” sneaker. These types of sneakers are more fashion forward and look totally different from a functional workout or tennis sneaker. They are made for a slightly dressier and more put together look than traditional workout shoes.

It’s easy to make sure you are stylish; showing your spirit without looking like you got tarred and feathered by your favorite team’s mascot. Contact Holly Katz Style for more Atlanta Football Fashion tips to be the best dressed at the tailgate!

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