Do regular people use stylists?

More than you know. Personal styling isn’t just for celebrities! Busy working professionals also love someone shopping for them – saving them both time and money. Are you a stay-at-home mom? You’ll love the affordable pampering of a stylist pulling clothes for you in advance of entering a store. You’ll only try on clothes that are specifically selected for you. Then you’ll feel more confident about your final purchases knowing you will actually wear what you buy. No hassle and no time or money wasted on things you never will wear or are unsure about.

Is this affordable?

Absolutely. Each service has a corresponding affordable fee based upon your specific needs, which includes unlimited personal service and the unadulterated joy of buying clothes that you truly love to wear. So, long-term, you’ll spend less money and buy fewer clothes because you’ll wear and love what you own. Having clothes in your closet with the tags still attached and unworn will be a thing of the past.

What stores will we visit?

We’ll decide during your style evaluation. Anywhere from one to five stores is customary, but the number will vary from client to client.

How much time does this take?

It depends upon your needs and the time you have available. Some people need me for three days, some for three hours.

What if I don't want you to get rid of any of my clothes?

Together we’ll go through a closet organization process where we keep the current season of your wardrobe most accessible. The rest goes into storage. Under no circumstances do we “get rid” of anything without your consent.

How can you teach me to shop?

You’ll learn about the “silhouettes” that work best for your body type. Plus, what works, what doesn’t and the reasons for both. Most clients find this the most beneficial part of the process.

What if I just want you to pick clothes for me without going to a store?

Many clients feel most comfortable with this option. First, we’ll agree on stores. Then, I’ll select and purchase clothes for you and we’ll meet in your home. Finally, we’ll choose the best selections together and then everything else gets returned.

What if I am really hard to fit?

You are not alone! Most people have a frustrating time because they don’t know which clothing lines and designers fit them best. Clothes can work for your body type no matter what your size – we simply make them adjust them in your favor with alterations and adjustments.  Tailor options and suggestions upon request.

Can you style my husband/wife/brother/parent/friend/partner at the same time?

Yes! The more the merrier. Realize, however, that this may take more time but can be a total blast!

Do you give any kind of discounts or incentives?

Yes. Returning customers and referrals are your friends as I’m happy to give discounts for both.

Will you style virtually or travel to me?

Yes and will travel with costs included.